Creed House of God, Inc.        

 Headquarters - 866 Georgetown Street,  Lexington, Kentucky 40511

 Hebrew Pentecostal

Hebrew Pentecostal, denominationally, teaches the relevance of both the Old and New Testament principles pertaining to proper religious practices and current day worship.

     This designation proclaims that we are the descendants of God through the covenant he made with Abraham the Hebrew. This covenant included the promises of both natural and spiritual blessings. By believing God, Abraham became the father of faith. Jesus is the promised seed of Abraham. Our faith in Jesus brings us into harmony with the promises of the covenant. The House of God is Hebrew Pentecostal because the foundation of our doctrine spans the scope of both the old and new covenants. The commandments, statutes and judgments of God, which were the foundation of the first covenant, have been removed from the stones. They are written in our heart by the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of truth. The promise of the Holy Spirit was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost.  














Holy Days

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